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Rofos Free Wing BCD


Rofos Free Wing BCD
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“Horseshoe” Shape Rear BCD comes standard without backplate.

FREE is a modular technical BC that is fully customizable with rear bag.

Although it was created for recreational use, the design details make it useful for technical dives as well.

The BC is manufactured entirely in Italy, with the rear bag capacity of 20 liters. The harness is available in two sizes, attached to the bag with two screws. The crotch strap has an elastic insert for maximum comfort.

The BC can be equipped with a stainless steel plate and counterplate (respectively 3 kg and 0.8 kg), or anodized aluminum plate and counterplate (respectively 0.8 kg and 0.3 kg), available for purchase separately.

A sundries pocket can also be purchased and mounted with the opening facing upwards or downwards according to the diver’s preference.

Replacement silicone elastics are available for purchase in 5-m packages.

Technical features

  • Entirely Made in Italy.
  • In Cordura® 1000 with red flat felled seams.
  • Either for one or two tanks.
  • Weighs 3 kg.
  • Features an inflator with stainless steel controls, 8 screws, 5 nylon fastex buckles, 6 50- mm D-rings, 2 25-mm D-rings for deco tanks and 6 25-mm D-Rings, all in thick black anodized aluminum.
  • Padded backpack.
  • Pocket for the inflatable buoy.

Extra informatie

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